Beach Cleaners & Mobile Screeners


Model 5500 From Side Model 5500

Self-propelled, zero-turn radius beach cleaner with cab and air conditioning.  Single screen design and efficient screening in both wet and dry sand.  Model 5500Photo Gallery 

3000 ideal for Resort Beach Cleaning Model 3000

Self-propelled, mid-sized ride-on beach cleaner for smaller beaches and resorts. Zero-turn radius and low profile for cleaning play areas and around trees.  Model 3000 Photo Gallery

Beachtech 3000 BeachTech 3000
For Large Beaches

The BeachTech 3000 beach cleaner is used for cost-effective and efficient cleaning of large beaches. BeachTech 3000 See More

Beachtech Sweepy Hydro with Hydrostatic DriveSweepy Hydro
With Hydrostatic Drive

The BeachTech Sweepy hydro beach cleaner is the efficient, low-cost supplement to our larger beach cleaners BeachTech Sweepy Hydro See More

Model 5000 Profile Model 5450

The proven and trusted Model 5000 beach cleaner, now with advanced screening system.  Zero-turn radius, superior manueverability.  Model 5450 Photo Gallery 

950 Remote Controlled Beach Cleaner Model 440 Series

Recommended for landscape applications and small beaches.  Great compact stone picker for seedbed prep.  Available with hydraulic powered pre-screening roller.  Model 440 Photo Gallery

Beachtech 2000BeachTech 2000
Compact and Agile

The compact BeachTech 2000 is designed for medium-sized beaches. BeachTech 200 See More

4600XL Beach Cleaner / ScreenerTractor Models

Cherrington's tractor model beach cleaners are designed durable enough for rock or landscape applications, while maintaining the fine screening ability needed for beach cleaning.  Model 4600 Photo Gallery

Beachtech Sweepy with Mechanical Drive BeachTech Sweepy
With Mechanical Drive

The BeachTech Sweepy cleaner is the efficient, low-cost supplement to our larger beach cleaners BeachTech Sweepy See More

Beachtech MarinaBeachTech Marina

The self-propelled BeachTech Marina sets standards when it comes to agility, manoeuvrability and quietness. BeachTech Marina See More




Cherrington Beach Cleaner and Mobile Screener Industry Applications


Learn More about Beach Cleaning
Beach Cleaning

The unique Cherrington Beach Cleaner power-screening system can be quickly and easily adapted to meet your changing conditions. Remove seaweed, debris, glass, rocks, shells, litter, trash, animal droppings & cigarette butts all in one pass. Learn More about Beach Cleaning here.

Beach Cleaning Photo Gallery

True Advantage Slideshow

Seaweed Slideshow

Screened Clean Results Brochure

Cherrington: New Standard in Beach Cleaning Brochure

 Cherrington Beach Cleaner Industry Applications
Golf Course Construction

Cherrington Screeners are the ultimate in shaping and final site preparation on fairways. Screen out rocks and roots and produce screened topsoil up to 6 inches (150mm) deep all in one pass with these efficient stone pickers.

Landscape Applications Photo Gallery

Cherrington Stone Pickers Brochure

Perfect Seedbed Slideshow

Cherrington Beach Cleaner Industry Applications
Beach Building

Cherrington Beach Cleaners are uniquely designed with the durability to pick rock and debris up to 10 inches (254mm) in diameter at the same time they screen clean the sand removing small stones, sharp coral and broken glass down to 3/8 inch (10mm).

Beach Building Brochure

 Cherrington Beach Cleaner Industry Applications
Seedbed Preparation

Cherrington Rock Pickers and Screeners quickly and efficiently do the final seedbed preparation prior to seeding or sodding high quality turf surfaces.  Cherrington’s one-pass, on-the-go screening and seedbed prep is unparalleled. 

Landscape Applications Photo Gallery

Cherrington Model 4500 Rockpicker Brochure

Perfect Seedbed Slideshow

Cherrington Beach Cleaner Industry Applications
Sand Volleyball Court Maintenance

Because of the high impact of bare feet, no sand area is more important to keep soft and free of dangerous and sharp objects than volleyball courts. Cherrington’s zero-turn radius models (5500, 5450, 3000, and 950) make quick work of screen-cleaning in tight areas and around obstacles.

Model 5000 Photo Gallery 

Compact Models Photo Gallery

 Cherrington Beach Cleaner Industry Applications
Lakeshore Sand Cleaning

You don’t have to tolerate shoreline debris, grass pushing through your sand, messy seaweed, or animal droppings on your lake shore!  A cleaned and groomed lake shore beach is within your reach with Cherrington Beach Cleaners.

Seaweed Slideshow

Screened Clean Results Brochure

Cherrington Beach Cleaner Industry Applications
Playgrounds and Sand Gathering Area

Cherrington zero turn radius models are ideal for keeping sand playgrounds soft, fluffed, and free from dangerous debris. No other beach cleaning method works as well!  Because of their superior maneuverability, the Cherrington’s self-propelled beach cleaners easily screen clean around trees, play equipment, cabanas, picnic tables and board walks.

 Cherrington Beach Cleaner Industry Applications
Horse Tracks and Arenas

Keep your track or arena safe with regular, periodic onsite screening with Cherrington Screeners.  Cherrington stone pickers lift the cushion material, screen out stones and debris as small as 3/8" (10mm) and return the cushion all in one cost efficient pass.

Horse Tracks and Areas Brochure

Cherrington Oil Spill Cleanup Applications
Oil Spill Cleanup

Cherrington Beach cleaners handle all phases of shoreline sand beach clean-up, catastrophic oil spill response and ongoing environmental protection.

Learn More about how Cherrington can help with oil spill and tar cleanup. 

Oil Spill Cleanup Photo Gallery 

All Phases of Oil Spill Cleanup Brochure

 Cherrington Beach Cleaner Industry Applications
Gunnery Ranges

Gunnery range clean-up is fast and easy with Cherrington Screeners.  Safely and efficiently pick up brass and lead casings and reduce dangerous lead levels.

Cherrington Beach Cleaner Industry Applications
Sludge, Drying Beds Filtration Ponds

The Cherrington Screeners are the solution for dry sludge removal challenges. Set to a preset depth to just skim the surface of sand drying beds, Cherrington Screeners smoothly remove the cake of dried sludge.  The Cherrington process leaves the sand in the bed and there is no need for additional leveling before the next batch of effluent.

 Cherrington Beach Cleaner Industry Applications
Athletic Field Maintenance

Cherrington recommends its compact screeners, Model 800 or Series 440 for in field maintenance. Cherrington screeners and stone pickers quickly clear away unwanted vegetation and small stones as small as 3/8" (10mm).



Cherrington is now part of the BeachTech Division of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG


BeachTech Division of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG




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The company Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG has expanded the BeachTech division product range.
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Cherrington now offers a stamping attachment for leaving impressions in the sand as you screen!
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Cherrington is pleased to announce the sale of its 5th Cherrington Beach Cleaner Model 5500 to Bee'ah, the cleaning company from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
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Cherrington recently sold 2 of its compact ride on model 3000’s in Singapore.
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Cherrington Beach Cleaners is proud to have been chosen to supply a Beach Cleaner for the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, the world’s only 7 star hotel. This is the second Cherrington Beach Cleaner Model 5500 purchased by the Jumeirah Group. They also use a Cherrington 5500 and two Cherrington Model 3000’s at the Madinat Mina A’Salam, also in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
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Cherrington, through their distributor, Zahid Cat/The Cat Rental Store (Saudi Arabia), sold three tractor model 4600XLs to Rezayat Company LTd., who has been contracted by Arabian Oil Company (ARAMCO) to restore Al Okair Beach in teh Al Hassa Region of Saudi Arabia.
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Cherrington recently delivered a new 2016 Model 5500 beach cleaner to the City of Miami Beach.
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