Cherrington Beach Cleaners & Mobile Screeners FAQ



General Frequently Asked Questions



What types of debris can the Cherrington Beach Cleaners/Mobile Screeners collect?
Cherrington Cleans a wide variety of debri

Cherrington Beach Cleaners / Mobile Screeners are used for screening out all kinds of trash including:  cigarette filters, paper, glass, plastic, and beverage bottle tops; seaweed; sharp shells and coral; rocks and stones; tree litter; unwanted weeds and grass; animal droppings; and shell casings.  Everything larger than the selected screen-hole size is loaded into the hopper.



What is the Cherrington "Lift and Screen" method?
Cherrington Lift & Screen Method

The Lift and Screen method is the operating principle is designed into the full line of Cherrington Beach Cleaners / Mobile Screeners.  The front cutting edge (digger point) slices into the sand or soil according to a fixed depth determined by the operator.  With the forward motion of the machine, this cutting edge lifts the sand/soil as the steel loading paddles come around to carry it over the screen.  At the same time, the rigid screen oscillates.  These two actions together give you the superior screening and separation that returns the clean sand / topsoil to the surface and only the objects larger than the selected screen-hole size are carried to the hopper. 



Is the Cherrington Mobile Screener useful in applications other than beach cleaning?
Cherrington Multi-Purpose Screeners

Yes.  The innovative Cherrington Screeners have been designed and engineered for multi-purpose use.  Rugged and versatile, Cherrington Mobile Screeners are used as a one-step seedbed prep tool for landscaping, golf course projects and turf farms.  They are used in beach building applications, horse track cushion and arena maintenance, artillery shell (gunnery range) cleanup, athletic field maintenance, playground maintenance, oil spill cleanup, and sludge harvesting. 



Why is it important to "power screen" the sand rather than "rake" the beach?
Cherrington Power Screen

By lifting the sand and screening it, Cherrington collects all unwanted debris in one efficient pass. 


Rakes use rows of tines to “flick” debris onto the conveyor belt.  This process can work well for picking up surface litter, such as paper cups or wrappers, but when there is dangerous, partially buried debris, such as broken glass, sharp shells, coral, stones and cigarette filters the rake tines will “flick” only a portion of it onto the conveyor requiring multiple passes and leaving unacceptable amounts of this trash in the sand. 



Is the "Screening" method more useful for daily beach maintenance or deep cleaning?
Cherrington Beach Cleaners collect all kinds of debri

A Cherrington Beach Cleaner is equally well-suited for both.


With a Cherrington Beach Cleaner, you choose the degree of cleaning by adjusting the depth and choosing the screen hole size.  As you go deeper for a thorough cleaning, you will adjust your ground speed to allow the sand to process over the screen.  You will be amazed at the debris in the hopper after your first deep cleaning with a Cherrington Beach Screener – even on a beach that has already been cleaned using another beach cleaning method, such as raking. 



What are the benefits of the Cherrington fixed screen system over a rotating screen?
Cherrington Beach Cleaner Screen

Lower maintenance costs and less down time.


Beach cleaners with long revolving steel mesh belts quickly suffer belt stretching and run crooked requiring frequent adjustments and resulting in unacceptably short life span.  The replacement cost of these belts is extremely expensive. 


With a Cherrington Beach Cleaner / Mobile Screener, you get the advantage of the screening process without the stretching or excessive maintenance and replacement costs.  The flat, powered screen oscillates in a very short, but intense, motion to aid in sand/debris separation.  It does not rotate, so does not stretch or run crooked.



Can I use a Cherrington on a beach that has a lot of trees, play equipment, benches, or umbrellas?

Cherrington Beach Cleaner great for tight clean up areas


Cherrington Zero Turn Radius

Yes.  Cherrington offers a complete line of beach cleaners and, therefore, a solution for every challenge.   For narrow beaches or beaches scattered with obstacles, such as trees, the zero-turn capabilities of Cherrington’s self-propelled models (Models 5500, 5450, 3000, and 950) offer the maneuverability and productivity you need.

The Cherrington Model 5500 offers high capacity and speed for larger beaches with its 60” (1,524mm) cleaning width and 1.5 cubic yard (1.2 cubic meter) hopper in a self-propelled, zero turn radius machine.  Quick turn-a-rounds make for productive and efficient early morning and mid-day clean-ups.  The Model 5450 offers the same kind of manueverability, but with an open operator's station.

Cherrington Model 3000 is the ideal resort machine.  Low profile and short overall length gives it excellent maneuverability on small narrow beaches and around cabanas or playground areas. 

The compact, wireless remote controlled walk-along Model 950 is the machine you want for the very tightest spaces.  Private beach clubs, homes and small resorts find this self-contained beach cleaner ideal for cleaning up litter, including cigarette butts.  Standard with ground dump hopper or optional bagger system allows for easy disposal of trash. 



What are the advantages of a self-propelled beach cleaner, such as the Model 5500, over a tractor model?
Cherrington 5000 high manuverability

The Cherrington Models 5450 and 5500 have a zero-turn radius making it the ultimate machine for maneuverability and productivity on narrow beaches and around obstacles.  Even with a pintle hitch, you have to allow for wider turns with a tractor model. 

 Tractors often need additional options to match capabilities of the Model 5450 and 5500’s hydrostatic all wheel drive and high flotation tires.  Cherrington's Model 5450 and 5500 are always ready for the job – no hookup or waiting for a tractor required.  Its compact size makes secure storage easier for convenient beach access.  



Landscaping Frequently Asked Questions



Which Cherrington model is best suited for seed bed preparation?
Cherrington Golf Course ConstructionAll Cherrington Mobile Screeners can be used in landscaping applications, depending on size and purpose, however, we recommend the Model 4500 series or the Model 440 series as the most universally appropriate for landscape conditions.  We designed them specifically with the rugged demands of rock and landscape work in mind. 



What size rock can I pick with a Cherrington Screener?
Cherrington Beach Cleaners pick up all sizes or rocks and debri

All Cherrington Screeners can screen rock as small as 3/8" (9mm).  Top end size depends on the model chosen – the larger machines, such as Cherrington Model 4500, 4600, 5450 and 5500, can pick rock up to 7” (180mm) in diameter.



Can I clear roots with a Cherrington Screener?
Cherrington Beach Cleaner cleans up roots

Yes.  The size of roots will depend on the model size.  The larger Cherrington Models (4500, 4600, 5450 and 5500) can pick roots up to 36 inches (914mm) long.  



What kind of preparation is required prior to screening the seedbed?
Cherrington PreScreening RollerThe surface may be loosened prior to screening with a cultivator or power rake.  We offer an optional pre-screening powered roller for the Cherrington Models 4600, 4500 and 440 for this purpose.  By using the pre-screening roller mounted directly to the Cherrington Screener, you are able to loosen, screen and pickup, all in one cost-saving pass, for a perfect seedbed. 



How do Cherrington screeners prepare a seed bed?
Cherrington Seedbed PrepThe Lift and Screen method is the operating principle of all the Cherrington Mobile Screeners.  The front cutting edge (digger point) moves into the soil according to a depth determined by the operator.  With the forward motion of the machine, this digger point lifts the soil as the steel loading paddles come around to carry it over the screen.  The powered screen oscillates at the same time the paddles move across the screen and the two actions together give you the superior screening result that returns perfectly screened topsoil to the seedbed and rocks and roots to the hopper.    





Operating Principles


Unique Lift and Screen Method 

The unique Cherrington screening system can be quickly and easily adapted to meet your changing conditions.  Whether you are doing beach cleaning, need a rock picker, track screener or even gunnery range clean up, this reliable system allows you to choose the size of the material you need to screen out based on the screen-hole size you select. All while giving you the fastest and most efficient operation possible.

Sand on the Beach – Debris in the Hopper.  

Cherrington Beach Cleaners accomplish the world’s most effective mechanical beach cleaning by lifting the sand from the beach, screening it through an oscillating (non-rotating) powered screen while returning the sand to the beach and conveying the debris into the hopper (Lift and Screen Method).  Realizing that much of the dangerous or unwelcome debris on a beach is hidden under a layer of beach sand, the Cherrington beach cleaning system screens deep down (up to 6” or 152mm, depending on model) and removes debris that raking methods often leave behind.  A grooming attachment which leaves a beautiful finish on your cleaned and screened beach is standard equipment on all Cherrington Beach cleaners.

One Pass Seedbed Prep.  The Lift and Screen Method is unparalleled for seedbed preparation, screening out stones, roots or construction debris and returning perfectly screened top soil 1” to 6” (25-152mm) deep - all in one pass.  Increase your productivity even more by adding our optional pre-screening powered roller to your Model 4600, 4500 or 440 and you will loosen, screen and pickup debris – all in one cost-saving pass! 

Important Controls and Principles

Cherrington Beach Cleaners and Screeners are designed to provide efficient sand or soil separation and the highest quality beach cleaning or seedbed preparation through the effective use of several important controls:


Digging Depth

Conveyor Speed

Oscillator Speed

Ground Speed

Screen size


These enable the operator to easily adapt to changing conditions, such as wet or dry surface and volume or type of debris to be collected.   

Cherrington's Important Features
  • Cherrington Beach Cleaners and Mobile Screeners have interchangeable screens (available in a variety of screen hole sizes for coarse to fine screening) to give you the cleaning efficiency you need.  
  • Screening to suit your needs - you can screen out all fine debris – or use a screen with larger holes to leave smaller materials, such as shells, on the beach – the screen-hole size choice is yours.
  • The screening process of the Cherrington Beach Cleaner guarantees the removal of all objects larger than your chosen screen size from the surface and up to 6” (150mm) deep below the surface.
  • Available in maneuverable self-propelled or economical tractor models - Cherrington provides beach cleaning and mobile screening machines in a range of sizes and types to meet varied customer requirements.
  • Cherrington Beach Cleaners and Mobile Screeners have an open front design (no mold board)  which allows a wide range of materials to pass over the screen
  • Cherrington Beach Cleaners and Mobile Screeners are multi-purpose - for ocean beach maintenance, beach building and renourishment projects, lake shore cleanup, landscaping sites, turf farms, playgrounds, horse tracks and arenas, sludge drying beds – virtually anywhere an efficient Mobile Screener is needed!