Cherrington Operating Principles


Lift and Screen Method

The unique Cherrington screening system can be quickly and easily adapted to meet your changing conditions.  Whether you are doing beach cleaning, need a rock picker, track screener or even firing range clean up, this reliable system allows you to choose the size of the material you need to screen out, while giving you the fastest and most efficient operation possible.

Sand on the Beach – Debris in the Hopper.  Cherrington Beach Cleaners accomplish the world’s most effective mechanical beach cleaning by lifting the sand from the beach, screening it through an oscillating (non-rotating) powered screen while returning the sand to the beach and conveying the debris into the hopper.  Realizing that much of the dangerous or unwelcome debris on a beach is hidden under a layer of beach sand, the Cherrington beach cleaning system screens deep down (up to 6” or 152mm, depending on model) and removes debris that raking methods often leave behind.  A grooming attachment which leaves a beautiful finish on your cleaned and screened beach is standard equipment on all Cherrington Beachcleaners.

One Pass Seedbed Prep.  The Lift and Screen method is unparalleled for seedbed preparation, screening out stones, roots or construction debris and returning perfectly screened top soil 1” to 6” (25-152mm) deep all in one pass.  Increase your productivity even more by adding our optional pre-screening powered roller to your Model 4500XL and you will loosen, screen and pickup debris – all in one pass! 

Important Controls and Principles

Cherrington Beach Cleaners and Screeners are designed to provide efficient sand or soil separation and the highest quality beach cleaning or seedbed preparation through the effective use of several important controls:


Digging Depth

Conveyor Speed

Oscillator Speed

Ground Speed

Screen size


These enable the operator to easily adapt to changing conditions, such as wet or dry surface and volume or type of debris to be collected.   

Cherrington's Important Features
  • Cherrington Beach Cleaners and Mobile Screeners have interchangeable screens (available in a variety of screen hole sizes for coarse to fine screening) to give you the cleaning efficiency you need.  
  • Cherrington Beach Cleaners and Mobile Screeners have an open front design (no mold board)  which allows  a wide range of materials to pass over the screen
  • Screening to suit your needs - you can screen out all fine debris – or use a screen with larger holes to leave smaller materials, such as shells, on the beach – the screen-hole size choice is yours.
  • The screening process of the Cherrington Beach Cleaner guarantees the removal of all objects larger than your chosen screen size from the surface and up to 6” (150mm) deep below the surface.
  • Available in maneuverable self-propelled or economical tractor models - Cherrington provides beach cleaning and mobile screening machines in a range of sizes and types to meet varied customer requirements.
  • Cherrington Beach Cleaners and Mobile Screeners are multi-purpose - for ocean beach maintenance, beach building and renourishment projects, lake shore cleanup, landscaping sites, turf farms, playgrounds, horse tracks and arenas, sludge drying beds – virtually anywhere an efficient Mobile Screener is needed!


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Why does Cherrington's Beach Cleaning & Screening Lift and Screen System Work so Well?


Cherrington's Decades of Experience


Cherrington has been building beach cleaning equipment since the mid 1970s when we pioneered the first globally marketed self-propelled beach cleaning machine.  In 2002, our company was acquired by the McPherson Family who also owned Glenmac, known for its Harley Rock Pickers and Power Box Rake product line*.   Since that time we have united Cherrington’s beach cleaning background with Glenmac’s experience in site preparation and landscape equipment to bring to you the most dependable, rugged and efficient beach cleaning and mobile screening equipment found anywhere in the world.

Cherrington 5000 Self Propelled Self Propelled Beach Cleaner

Cherrington Model 5500 is Self-Propelled and Zero Turn radius capability for maximum productivity and maneuverability.

Cherrington Model 5000 Picks Roots on Landscape Picks Roots on Landscape

Cherrington Model 5000 cleans up roots from landscape site in preparation for golf course.

Cherrington Cleaning Shallow Water Cleaning in Shallow Water

Cherrington products clean in shallow water making us the ideal solution for lake beach cleaning.


* The Harley Power Box Rake product line was sold to Harley Attachments LLC (a division of Paladin Brands) in Sept 2005.

Cherrington's Consumer Driven Engineering

Our goal is to bring you cost-effective solutions for your beach cleaning and landscape challenges.   We understand that you need equipment that is versatile, dependable, and low-maintenance.  And we also know that being your partner means more than delivering a machine – it means listening to your concerns and knowing what you really need done on your job site.


Your needs and suggestions, along with service part trends and our own experiences when we are training or visiting customers at their job sites, are an integral part of our engineering and continuous improvement processes. 

Cherrington's Innovative Designs

Our engineers have decades of experience building durable ground-engaging equipment.   We use the latest technologies and methods to build equipment that will stand up to the demanding requirements of your landscaping jobsite or beach cleaning challenges while being simple to run and having lower maintenance costs than the other equipment in your shop.


We use current hydraulic engineering expertise to bring you a superior screening machine with only three bearings on the entire machine - no idlers, no pulleys, no tines, no rotating screens – just a simple, dependable and efficient machine to get your job done quickly.