Cherrington Operating Principles


Lift and Screen Method

The unique Cherrington screening system can be quickly and easily adapted to meet your changing conditions.  Whether you are doing beach cleaning, need a rock picker, track screener or even firing range clean up, this reliable system allows you to choose the size of the material you need to screen out, while giving you the fastest and most efficient operation possible.

Sand on the Beach – Debris in the Hopper.  Cherrington Beach Cleaners accomplish the world’s most effective mechanical beach cleaning by lifting the sand from the beach, screening it through an oscillating (non-rotating) powered screen while returning the sand to the beach and conveying the debris into the hopper.  Realizing that much of the dangerous or unwelcome debris on a beach is hidden under a layer of beach sand, the Cherrington beach cleaning system screens deep down (up to 6” or 152mm, depending on model) and removes debris that raking methods often leave behind.  A grooming attachment which leaves a beautiful finish on your cleaned and screened beach is standard equipment on all Cherrington Beach cleaners.

One Pass Seedbed Prep.  The Lift and Screen method is unparalleled for seedbed preparation, screening out stones, roots or construction debris and returning perfectly screened top soil 1” to 6” (25-152mm) deep all in one pass.  Increase your productivity even more by adding our optional pre-screening powered roller to your Model 4500XL and you will loosen, screen and pickup debris – all in one pass! 

Important Controls and Principles

Cherrington Beach Cleaners and Screeners are designed to provide efficient sand or soil separation and the highest quality beach cleaning or seedbed preparation through the effective use of several important controls:


Digging Depth

Conveyor Speed

Oscillator Speed

Ground Speed

Screen size


These enable the operator to easily adapt to changing conditions, such as wet or dry surface and volume or type of debris to be collected.   

Cherrington's Important Features
  • Cherrington Beach Cleaners and Mobile Screeners have interchangeable screens (available in a variety of screen hole sizes for coarse to fine screening) to give you the cleaning efficiency you need.  
  • Cherrington Beach Cleaners and Mobile Screeners have an open front design (no mold board)  which allows  a wide range of materials to pass over the screen
  • Screening to suit your needs - you can screen out all fine debris – or use a screen with larger holes to leave smaller materials, such as shells, on the beach – the screen-hole size choice is yours.
  • The screening process of the Cherrington Beach Cleaner guarantees the removal of all objects larger than your chosen screen size from the surface or up to 6” (150mm) deep below the surface.
  • Available in maneuverable self-propelled or economical tractor models - Cherrington provides beach cleaning and mobile screening machines in a range of sizes and types to meet varied customer requirements.
  • Cherrington Beach Cleaners and Mobile Screeners are multi-purpose - for ocean beach maintenance, beach building and renourishment projects, lake shore cleanup, landscaping sites, turf farms, playgrounds, horse tracks and arenas, sludge drying beds – virtually anywhere an efficient Mobile Screener is needed!


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Cherrington Designed for Multiple Applications


Cherrington pioneered the lift and screen design for beach cleaning and soil screening in the mid 1970's.  This fundamental method of screening has since grown into a world-wide distribution of the Cherrington Mobile Screeners for a broad variety of applications.  Wherever there are unwanted items in the soil, sand, or waters edge, Cherrington Screeners can efficiently collect them for disposal while returning the site to its natural condition.

Cherrington Beach Cleaners Beach Cleaning

Beach Building, Lakeshore Sand Cleaning, Beach Volley Ball Court & Playground Maintenance

Cherrington Landscaping Screeners Landscaping Screeners

Golf Course Construction, Seedbed Preparation & Athletic Field Maintenance

Specialized Applications

Oil Spill Cleanup, Horse Track maintenance, Artillery Range Maintenance & Filtration Ponds


With Cherrington Screeners, you can:


  • Clean trash, storm debris, seaweed, oil slabs and tar balls, or stones and rocks from beaches;
  • Make horse tracks and equestrian arenas safer by quickly and cost-effectively screening out stones, horse shoes, nails and everything that might harm the horses;
  • Remove artillery shells and casings from air to ground or gunnery ranges to promote a clean, safe environment and to reduce ricochet dangers;
  • Prepare a perfect seedbed by screening out stones and roots for landscape sites, athletic fields and golf courses; 
  • Remove stones and debris before installing a liner pad or clear sludge and debris on retention ponds.

Cherrington Beach Cleaner Industry Applications


Beach Cleaning

Cherrington Beach Cleaners provide the highest quality beach cleaning available. Expectations are higher than ever and Cherrington’s innovative power screening gives you a deep down screened clean beach, so you can deliver the kind of memorable beach experience beach patrons are looking for.   See True Advantage Slide Show


The unique Cherrington Beach Cleaner power-screening system can be quickly and easily adapted to meet your changing conditions. Remove seaweed, debris, glass, rocks, shells, litter, trash, animal droppings & cigarette filters all in one pass.  The sand is immediately screened back to the beach and all the debris larger than the selected screen hole size is loaded into the hopper for convenient disposal. 


Regardless of the size of your beach or the obstacles you have to clean around, Cherrington has the right-sized beach cleaner for your beach in its comprehensive line of screeners.    From self-propelled to tractor models and large capacity to compact units – whatever your beach problem – it’s NO PROBLEM with a Cherrington! 


The three wheel design of the Model 5000, Model 3000 and Model 950 allows for zero turn capability and gives a short overall length to make these self-propelled beach cleaners the ultimate in maneuverability and versatility for cleaning narrow areas, among trees, around cabanas or in sand play areas.


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Beach Building

Cherrington’s high capacity Beach Cleaners are uniquely designed with the durability required for doing the final cleanup on projects with freshly dredged coral or hauled in sand. 

Cherrington Beach Cleaners are rugged enough for picking rock up to 10 inches (250mm) in diameter and yet precise enough to screen down to 3/8 inch (10mm) – and all with lower maintenance costs than any other beach cleaner.


On wet or dry sand; on the upper beach into the tide line Cherrington beach cleaners collect unwanted coral, rocks, seaweed and trash in the hopper while quickly returning sand to the beach. 


Beach Building Brochure

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Lakeshore Sand

Easily clean up shoreline messes such as seaweed, animal waste, trash, stones or driftwood with a Cherrington Beach Cleaner and enjoy a beautifully groomed, sanitized beach.


Cherrington beach cleaners work well in either wet or dry sand and can even screen into the shallow water to insure the entire shoreline is cleaned.  The Cherrington lift and screen process carries the sand – wet or dry – onto the powered screen and as the sand is sifted back to the beach the debris is carried to the hopper.  This method leaves the surface well- groomed and appealing and gives you the added benefit of fluffed, aerated and freshened sand.


Whether you have a very small beach or several hundred feet of shoreline, Cherrington has a beach cleaner to meet your size and budget requirements. 


For lakes requiring a high capacity machine, Cherrington recommends the self-propelled Model 5000 or tractor model 4500XL and for mid-range beaches the series 700. 


If you have small sand areas, the compact and highly maneuverable self-propelled Model 3000 ride-on beach cleaner or the Model 950 wireless remote control walk-along beach cleaner are ideal for your application. The Model 800 can be towed behind a small tractor or 4WD ATV and is perfectly suited for reclaiming and maintaining small lakeshore beaches. 


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Beach Volleyball Court Maintenance

There are few areas more important to screen clean than a beach volleyball court because of the dangers hidden objects can pose to players.  Cherrington’s Model 950 was used on the sand volleyball courts at the Beijing Olympics to keep the sand clean and soft for professional play. For courts on large ocean beaches, the Model 5000 easily adapts from high capacity cleaning on open stretches to maneuvering around net poles on the courts. 


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Playgrounds and Gathering Areas

Cherrington’s self-propelled Model 3000 or Model 950 are ideal for cleaning around trees, play equipment, cabanas, picnic tables and board walks because of their compact size superior maneuverability and versatility. The ride-on Model 3000 can be unloaded into a dumpster and the wireless remote controlled Model 950 can be fitted with an optional bagger system for unloading into garbage cans. 


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Cherrington Landscape Screener Industry Applications


Golf Course Construction

The Cherrington Model 4500 Series is a revolutionary rock picker for golf course construction and renovation.  It provides an incredibly simple and effective solution for one pass shaping and seedbed preparation on fairways. Cherrington is unique because it screens the topsoil from 1 to 6 inches (25 to 150mm) deep rather than just picking stones off the surface.  In one pass the Cherrington Model 4500 screens and collects unwanted stones and roots leaving a perfect seedbed.


Add Cherrington’s new powered pre-screening roller and you have the ultimate all-in-one tool for soil preparation.  This option is designed to loosen rock, roots, sod and old turf for immediate screening and removal.


The Cherrington Model 4500 series is rugged and low maintenance.  It was designed to be fast and efficient with a small, elliptical hydraulic motor providing the perfect amount of sifting power to the screen.  Built with steel loading paddles, carbide wear points and just three bearings this machine is durable and low cost to maintain. 


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Seedbed Preparation

A Cherrington functions like a stationary screener to process top soil, but on a self-loading frame to give it the mobile screening advantage.  This proven and dependable screening method gives you new abilities and options.  Whether you are preparing turf fields for another season, preparing to seed a fairway or renovating athletic fields – a Cherrington Power Screener will save you time and money.


Cherrington’s are self-loading power screeners.  The Cherrington lifts the soil onto the oscillating powered screen.  Objects larger than the screen hole size, such as rocks, roots, sticks and construction debris are retained and carried by the loading flights to the hopper while a layer of screened topsoil is returned to the surface up to 6” (150mm) deep.   

 Perfect Seedbed Slideshow

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Athletic Field Maintenance

Cherrington’s Compact Screeners effectively screen the infields of ball diamonds removing small stones down to 3/8 inch (10mm) as well as unwanted vegetation. 


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Cherrington Industry Specialized Applications


Horse Tracks and Arenas

Screen out hazardous stones and debris, clean and condition the cushion all in one pass with Cherrington Track Screeners.  The Cherrington lift and screen system is the economical and efficient replacement for the expensive and time-consuming process of loading the cushion, transporting, screening it at a stationary plant and then transporting it back to the track.


Loading paddles carry the cushion up and over the oscillating screen.  Anything larger than the screen-hole size is loaded into the hopper and the cushion is immediately returned to the surface.


Screen to your predetermined depth of 1 inch (25mm) to 6 inches (150mm) deep and 48 inches (1200 mm) to 72 inches (1800mm) wide, depending on the model.  Options available in either ground dump or high lift models.  Compact screeners (36 inch or 900mm cleaning width) are perfect for walkways and paddocks areas.


Screen out stones, nails, and other dangerous items lurking under the surface of the cushion as small as 1/2 inch (13mm).  The Cherrington Screeners leave the track or arena surface level and immediately ready for racing, training or other events.  





Gunnery Ranges

The wireless, remote controlled Model 950 screens up to 4 inches (100mm) deep, removing all brass and lead casings.  This wireless remote controlled screener with its 3 wheel design is maneuverable enough to pass closely around firing stations and targets. Clean up firing ranges by retrieving objects from 3/8" to 4" in diameter. 


Recycle brass and lead casings and reduce dangerous lead levels. The Cherrington sand cleaner system is both safe and effective, using an oscillating screening system that lifts and then sifts, retaining all objects bigger than the screen while returning the sand and soil to the ground.


Firing and artillery range clean-up is fast and easy with the Cherrington Screeners. For larger areas, the full-sized Cherrington screeners, such as the self- propelled Model 5000, can clean up all areas of the firing range, retrieving recyclable brass, copper and lead casings.


Military gunnery ranges of all types use the Cherrington mobile screeners to reduce dangerous ricochet hazards on both air to ground and hand held gunnery ranges. 


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Oil Spill Cleanup

The Cherrington’s rigid slanted screens make it uniquely effective for oil spill clean-up.  The standard screens are fitted with galvanized steel plates for skimming crude off the top of shallow water at the shoreline or removing oil-soaked, polluted sand from the beach.  The Cherrington can be set to a predetermined depth from 1 inch to 6 inches (25mm to 150mm) to skim off the top few inches of oil soaked sand.  Because the depth can be easily adjusted, only the necessary amount of sand is removed.


Cherrington Beach Cleaners excel at sifting out tar balls, marine debris, dead fish and other auxiliary results of oil spills or leakage.   Using the Cherrington’s standard sifting screens, a wide range of debris is carried into the hopper while the sand is sifted back through onto the beach.  During this process the sand is aerated and exposed to the sun’s purifying rays, while the groomer bar leaves a beautiful finish on the beach.


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Sludge, Drying Beds and Filtration Ponds

Cherrington Screeners can be set to a preset depth to just skim the surface of drying beds and smoothly remove the cake of dried sludge.  The sand remains in the bed and the surface is not gouged or in need of additional leveling – ready for the next batch of effluent. 


Models 5000 and 3000 are available for sludge harvesting with interchangeable solid or sifting screens and are maneuverable enough to work even in small drying beds to remove all types of industrial and municipal sludge.   


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