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BeachTech 2500

Innovative beach cleaner


  • Patented composite screening belt

    Is not subject to elongation, therefore no shortening is necessary. Increased service life and low service intensity

  • Efficient beach cleaning

    Thanks to the working width of 2.50 m and the large collection hopper, the BeachTech 2500 achieves an area coverage of up to 30,000 m² per hour

  • Easy operation

    The pickup blade, the collection hopper and the finisher can be easily adjusted via the remote control



BeachTech 2500 Technical Specifications BeachTech Brochure
BeachTech 2500 Technical Specifications BeachTech 2500 Brochure


BeachTech beach cleaners provide the best cleaning results while maintaining high area performance and minimal environmental impact.

Clean beaches

  The BeachTech 2500 uses Rotary Screen Technology. Sand is picked up by the pick-up blade equipped with spring tines and transported by the rotating screen belt. Here, even the smallest particles of dirt, such as bottle caps, broken glass, or cigarette butts, are screened out. Larger items, such as stones or plastic waste, are also reliably collected. The cleaned sand falls back to the ground. The different settings of the spring tines allow the operator to switch between screening, raking and mixing technology and thus react quickly to special conditions, such as wet, heavy sand.  

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BeachTech 2500 Standard Equipment

Spring tines
Low maintenance, individually replaceable

Screening belts
Various mesh sizes 

Eccentric shafts
Various shapes, diameters and profiles 

Maintenance-free bearings
No more need for re-greasing 

Reversing valve
Direction change of the screening belt possible 

Beach Cleaner BeachTech 2000


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Patented composite screening belt

The innovative composite screening belt is particularly easy to maintain. Thanks to additional drive belts and cross bars, it is not subject to elongation and therefore no longer needs to be shortened. Service or even downtimes during the season are thus almost completely eliminated. At the same time, the composite belt has a higher mileage and longer service life.  


BeachTech 2500 Optional Equipment

Camera system
for better view of the pick-up shaft

Feeler wheels
for constant depth control

PTO drive
for quick coupling and uncoupling

Hydraulic brake

Pick-up speed control valve

Sprayer with 400L water tank
for dust reduction in dry sand conditions