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BeachTech 5500

The self-propelled beach cleaner



The 3-wheel design allows for a 0° turning radius, making it perfect for narrow driveways or maneuvering around beach furniture.

Large collecting hopper

The extra-large hopper has a loading volume of 1.5 m³ - this means less frequent unloading with subsequent time savings.

High area coverage

Thanks to its working width and the high capacity hopper, the beach cleaner covers a big area in a short time.

Overall Length 5,525 mm / 18 ft 2 in  
Width 2,800 mm / 9 ft 2 in  
Height 2,420 mm / 7 ft 11 in  
Working Width 1,524 mm / 5 ft 0 in  
Width (Road Travel) 2,450 mm / 8 ft 0 in  

Net Weight 4,550 kg / 10031 lbs  
Gross Weight Limit 5,600 kg / 12346 lbs  

Working Depth Up To 15 cm / 6 in  
Hopper Capacity 1.5 m³ / 2,0 cu yd  
Dump Height 2,600 mm / 0 - 8 ft 6 inch  
Top Speed 15 km/h / approx. 9,3 mph  

Number of Cylinders 4  
Torque 260 Nm/ 1800 rpm  
Displacement 2,925 cm³  
Type Deutz, Turbodiesel  
Power 55.0 kW (74 hp)  
Exhaust Emmission Standard EU Stufe III B; EPA Tier 4 F  


BeachTech Brochure Data Sheet
BeachTech 5500 Brochure Beachtech 5500 Data Sheet


Rely on the BeachTech 5500 for professional beach cleaning!

"Power screening" for perfect cleaning results

The BeachTech 5500 can continuously lower the pick-up blade into the sand to a depth of up to 15 cm. The sand is picked up and guided upwards via a galvanized loading belts. The cleaned sand falls back through the oscillating screen onto the ground, while the picked-up material moves into the collection hopper. In the process, even the smallest particles of litter, such as cigarette butts, bottle caps or broken glass to plastic bottles, cans or stones are reliably removed from the beach - making it a safe place for your guests.

Beach Cleaner BeachTech 5500


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BeachTech 5500

The self-propelled beach cleaner BeachTech 5500 is particularly maneuverable thanks to its 3-wheel design. The cleaning system guides the sand over a vibrating screen by means of a conveyor system unit. The sand is screened, which creates a clean beach – no matter whether it is wet or dry. Thanks to its high-performance turbo diesel engine, a propulsion drive with three hydrostatic wheel motors which ensures optimum power transmission, as well as its low-pressure tires, the BeachTech 5500 can be used on various beaches and locations with extreme versatility. 

These are the features of the BeachTech 5500:

  • High area coverage
  • Large collecting hopper
  • Particularly maneuverable thanks to
  • its 3-wheel design
  • Air conditioning
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Rugged design
  • Safety features (CE certified)
  • 1-person cab
  • New software and control
  • State-of-the-art engine (emissions level)