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Cherrington 3000

Ride-on beach cleaner


Small turning circle

The beach cleaner can turn on the spot and easily drive around obstacles.

Flexible screening system

Quick-change screens make it easy to swap screens, so you can perfectly match the mesh size to your needs.

Rugged and dependable

Even picking up rocks and stones will not damage the Cherrington 3000

Cherrington 3000 Technical Data Sheet

Overall Length 2,820 mm  
Width 1,525 mm  
Height 2,134 mm  
Working Width 915 mm  

Net Weight 1,524 kg  

Working Depth Up To 10 cm  
Hopper Capacity 0.3 m³  
Dump Height from 0 to 0 mm / - 1.525  

Number of Cylinders 3  
Displacement 1,001 cm³  
Type Kubota, diesel  
Power 18.5 kW (25 hp)  
Exhaust Emmission Standard Tier 4  


Beach Cleaner Cherrington 3000


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Clean beaches

The Cherrington 3000 uses Fixed Screen Technology. Sand is picked up and fed upward through a vibrating screen plate. The cleaned sand falls back through the screen plate to the bottom, and the pickup material moves into the collection bin. The result: Even the smallest particles of debris, such as cigarette filters, bottle caps or broken glass, through to plastic bottles, cans or stones, are reliably removed from your beach - making it a safe place for your guests.

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Flexible beach cleaning

Clean quickly and efficiently along boardwalks, around changing huts and sun loungers, or under drooping trees. The extra tight turning circle allows you to clean anywhere.