Beach Cleaning with Cherrington Beach Cleaners


Cherrington Model 4500 Screening to the beach

Cherrington Sets a New Standard
for Beach Cleaning


Screened-clean beaches are the new standard in beach cleaning!  For those who are serious about a safe and healthy beach, raking is simply not good enough.  With Cherrington Screeners you can aerate the sand and screen out dangerous debris hidden under the surface in addition to picking surface litter better than a surf rake – all in one efficient beach cleaning pass!


Expectations are higher than ever and Cherrington Beach Cleaner’s innovative power screening design gives you a deep down screened-clean beach, so you can deliver the kind of memorable beach experience beach patrons are looking for.


Cherrington Beach Cleaners Unmatched Versatility


Cherrington Beach Cleaners are rugged enough for picking rock up to 7 inches (180mm) in diameter, yet precise enough to finesse screen down to 3/8 inch (9mm) – all with lower maintenance costs than any other beach cleaner.


Cherrington Beach Cleaner Design is Effective in Abusive Conditions


Cherrington Beach Cleaners are built to handle tough rock and coral challenges.  Cherrington’s high capacity Beach Cleaners are uniquely designed with the durability required for doing cleanup on projects with freshly dredged coral or hauled in sand.  


Cherrington Beach Cleaners use non-rotating steel screens mounted on a fixed frame rather than rotating belts.  Belts are prone to stretching and expensive to replace.


Cherrington Beach Cleaners lift and carry the sand over the screen using steel loading paddles.  The Cherrington system powers the screen in short, intense movements for effective separation.  The sand is immediately returned to the beach while the loading paddles carry the debris that is larger than the screen-hole size into the hopper.

Cherrington 5000 dumping large construction debris on Durrat al Bahrain
Cherrington Beach Cleaners - Zero Turning Radius gives them the ability to work in tight areas

Cherrington Beach Cleaners for
Fine Screening and Play Area Cleaning


The most dangerous debris on your beach is likely hidden just below the surface.  Broken glass, sharp shells and even medical waste pose a threat to children playing on the beach.  Cherrington Beach Cleaners screen up to 6” (150mm) deep and because the sand is lifted and screened all the dangerous and unwelcome debris is loaded into the hopper while the sand is returned to the beach – aerated and fluffy.  


Cherrington’s self-propelled beach cleaners (Models 55005450, 3000, and 950) offer zero turn radius for maximum maneuverability around trees, cabanas, sand volleyball courts, picnic areas, play equipment and walkways.  


All Cherrington Beach Cleaner models have interchangeable screens that be changed easily to meet the specific conditions of your beach cleanup or sand maintenance needs.  Standard screen hole sizes are 3/8” (9mm), ½” (13mm), 5/8” (16mm), ¾” (19mm), and 1” (25mm) and other screens are available by special order for unique applications, such as oil spill cleanup.