Oil Spill Cleanup with Cherrington Beach Cleaners


Cherrington Has Unique Ability to Clean Sand During Oil Spill Cleanup


Cherrington Design Effective for Oil Spill Cleanup

The Lift and Screen design and beach cleaning method exclusive to Cherrington Beach Cleaners / Screeners offers the unique ability to effectively aid in the removal of oil slabs, tar balls and oil soaked sand during the oil spill cleanup process. 


Self-Propelled Models Ideal For Oil Spill Cleanup On Islands And Tight Areas

The Cherrington Model 5000 is a high flotation, all-wheel drive, self-propelled beach cleaner with a zero-turn radius allowing it to go where tractors and other equipment cannot.  The Model 5000 is highly suitable for transport to barrier islands and other beach areas for quick oil spill clean-up before more damage is done.


Easily Remove Tar Balls During Beach Oil Spill Cleanup


The self-loading screening method for removing unwanted debris has long been recognized as the most efficient and thorough way to clean the sand.  The screen-hole size on the Cherrington Beach Cleaner can be changed to meet varying beach cleaning challenges, including easily picking up 3/8" or smaller objects, such as tar balls that litter the beach after an oil spill. 


Cherrington 5000 Lifting Oil Soaked Sand From Shoreline
Oil and Tar Cleanup with Cherrington Beach Cleaners

Remove Sand Contaminated by Oil Spill


The precise hydraulic depth setting ability of the Cherrington Beach Cleaner’s leading edge can be set to skim and pickup only the contaminated layer left by an oil spill or sludge residue resulting from water treatment processes.   When the interchangeable sifting screen is replaced with a perforated metal sheet for sand pickup and the oscillator is turned off, all of the contaminated sand  can be loaded (rather than screened) for removal and hauled to a wash system or remediation site.  


Beach Friendly Oil Spill Cleanup Tool

The Cherrington method of oil spill cleanup is much more beach-friendly because it causes less damage and reduces unnecessary removal of sand from the beach that can happen with heavy construction equipment.